Make Money with Android Apps and AdMob Ads for Smart Passive Monthly AdSense Income

Passive AdMob / AdSense Income with Android Content Apps Development


We are turning you from modest little penny earners into cash-pulling behemoths and you can earn thousands of dollars per month from Android Apps. And you never have to constantly watch over your shoulder from fear of being banned.

Free Apps are downloaded thousands times more than the paid app. You’ll earn at least $1 every day from one App within 2-3 weeks. You’ll earn $4-5 from some apps and $1 from some apps. On an average, you’ll earn $100 from 100 apps every day. You can upload unlimited apps inside one Google Publisher account.

I bet you can profit wildly from what we discovered for you to make money online! A rapid method of making money online that will actually last. Who else wants a proven and legal method to increase their AdSense Revenue? We discovered a system to earn true autopilot income with Android Apps and Google AdMob. If you still got any questions, contact us with your query and we’ll be more than happy to help you out! We are online 15 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Steps in Making Money with Android Apps and AdMob!

  • You choose your desired Plan and Pay us
  • We will do Proper Keyword Research and Niche Selection
  • We will make all Content, Icons, Screenshots, Splash Screen etc.
  • You’ll send us AdMob Banner & Interstitial Ad Codes to put in Apps
  • We will make your Android App with APK File
  • You’ll buy an Android Publisher A/c from Google (Cost $25 one time)
  • We’ll make all Graphics required and Content for your App
  • We’ll publish your App on your Android Play Store Account
  • Your Apps will get ranked on Play Store within 3-4 weeks
  • Stop Making Google Rich!

  • It is time to make yourself rich! Get paid for long term on Auto Pilot! Get paid until the death of Google AdSense / AdMob. Stop fearing Google and its updates! Once your Android Apps are published, its ‘Set n Forget’. Apps will automatically do the work for you, all day, everyday 24x7x365!

  • If you still have some queries on earnings, have a look at below video from one of our Clients’ AdSense / AdMob Account and see his DailyEarnings from 200 Android Apps!
  • Bringing Users or Daily Installs to your Android Apps!

    Downloads or Installs are Very IMPORTANT for your Apps and it is actually VERY EASY because our all Packages includes:

    • A professional and dedicated project manager throughout the Service
    • Few Keyword Reviews to your App through our Google +1 App Communities and Facebook Groups.
    • Get at least 1000 Facebook Likes to your app
    • First 100+ installs of your app is on us to boost start it.
    • Proper use of Keywords in making Apps
    • Professional ASO (App Store Optimization) to help users find your Android app in the Play Store.


    Please write a comment for Demo Apps at this end of the Page and we’ll get back to you within few hours. Alternatively Contact us at We’re usually online 15-17 hours a day, all days of week.

    How you Gonna Make Money Online from Android Apps

    This is a Real Business Model offering Real Values! Who doesn’t have a Smart Phone these days? Every Smart Phone needs Apps. Someone need is someone’s income! So your app is been downloaded and used. And user will click on AdMob Ad too and this is how you will make money! So this is Passive AdMob / AdSense Earnings with no domain and hosting expenses at all!

    Our Packages



    Try It Now Package


    1 CONTENT APP @ $125 Only!


    Starter Package


    3 CONTENT APP @ $350 Only!


    Silver Package


    10 CONTENT APP @ $1100 Only!




    Gold Package


    25 CONTENT APP @ $2500 Only!


    Platinum Package


    50 CONTENT APP @ $4750 Only!


    Diamond Package


     100 CONTENT APP @ $9000 Only!


    1What is the Turnaround Time for delivery of my Apps?
    We’ll publish your apps within a week time depending upon Package you choose. For Large Package, it may take up to 15 -20 days. We work 7 days a week!
    2Is there any Additional Expenses?
    Apart from paying us for the chosen package, there is a 1 time fee of $25 for buying Google Play Store Publisher Account. You can upload unlimited apps inside one Google Publisher account.
    3May I see some Demo Apps?
    Of course Yes! Please use Contact Us Page for Demo Sites.
    4Who will select Niche / Keywords for Content Apps?
    We would select it our self or you can select them!
    1Are these Apps Profitable for Ever?
    Of Course Yes! Get paid until the death of Google Play Store and AdMob!
    2What is your Contact info?
    You can contact us here: or use Contact Us Form..
    3What are your Payment Methods?
    Currently we accept PayPal on our Website! Contact Us for other Payments Forms like WU / Wire Transfers / NEFT etc!

    I bet you can profit wildly from what we discovered for you to make money online! A rapid method of making money online that will actually last! Who else wants a proven and legal method to increase their AdSense Revenue? We discovered a system to earn true autopilot income with Android Apps and Google AdSense. If you still got any questions; contact us with your query and we’ll be more than happy to help you out! We are online 15 hours a day, 7 days a week!


    1. Jhalak says:

      What is the guarantee, not lose money..
      Tell me plz, demo app

      • Winners are not afraid of losing, but losers are! Failure is part of the process of success. People who avoid failure also avoid success.

        Trust is what required for all Online Business. If you cannot trust us, we don’t have anything to lose friend. We’ll rather help someone who can trust us. Not for being harsh, but that is what all online business is, where you don’t see the seller and the customer.

        Still, you can watch our payment proof videos if that helps you. Otherwise, we don’t need to prove ourselves. Our work speaks itself!

    2. Akasher Pakhi says:

      Please give me demo apps.

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      Demo app

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      Packages interesting
      Now let me know demo apps

    6. David Idoro says:

      Am A Nigerian, How Can I Pay For The Packages? Means Of Payment Pls, I Do Not Have Paypal Account,

    7. mehar ali says:

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      Demo app please 😊

    9. Chloe Ledner says:


      Kindly check below screen shot of my earnings..

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      An App Demo Please. Thinking To buy It

    12. sagar says:

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    13. Destin Ritchie says:


      My Apps started to Earn. Check Screen Shots..

      Many Thanks to you 🙇🙇🙇 😗😗

    14. Barry says:

      Too many Thanks. I ordered Google Gold Pack.

    15. Ramiro Quigley says:


      I bought Diamond Pack today late afternoon. How much time it would take to complete?

    16. Amita Cayasri says:

      pls gimme app demo

      • Hello Amita,

        The mail which we sent you also contains demo apps. However, I will sent it again. Don’t forget to check your Spam Folder because we daily send 100s of emails with same content. So, it’s highly possible for our mails to land in spam folder.

        Thank you..

    17. موسى المساعيد says:

      Bought two Diamond Packs via Paypal.

      I am from Jordan.

      Check it please..

    18. Sachin says:

      Please provide demo apps

    19. Aalpesh says:

      I dont have any idea about niche for app. pls send me demo app

    20. Audreanne Conn MD says:

      Hi! Got late on discount 😞 but bought Diamond Package this time.

      Anyways, kindly confirm it. Thank you!

    21. Brett Lesch III says:


      Bought Diamond Pack in today’s discounted price. Confirm my order please..

    22. Hey Guys!

      I am back. Hope you remember me!

      My 3rd Order now and this time your biggest Diamond Package 💖💖💖

      Kindly make a pack bigger than this now for me 😘😘😘

      Thanks Guys

      • Hello Patricia,

        Who can forget you obviously!

        Thank you for your order again! Let us finish this one first, then we would certainly make a custom pack for you.

        Thank you once again!

    23. Prashantha says:


      I have bought Platinum Package last night. Kindly confirm.

      Thank you

      Kulatunga Mawatha, Kottawa

    24. Fahim Hasan says:

      Good morning please send me a demo app

    25. Siddharth Sha says:

      Hello Sir,

      Today, I paid for your Platinum Package via UTR No N002180074084658

      Please confirm it on my email.

      Thank you,

      Siddharth Sha
      Neha Apartments, Trichy – 246076

    26. Rohan mamgain says:

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      Please send me a demo of APPS and Niche Sites ?

      Do get back to me asap.

    31. Anil Payal (Education House) says:

      That’s Really Work 🙂 Meri Earning Application Publish Hone Ke Dusre din hia Start Ho gai thee.
      Adsense Gorilla Jo Bolte hai wo karte bhi hai…

      AdMob Earnings

      Ab me Gold Package Buy Karne ki Soch Raha hu..

      Thanks Adsense Gorilla

    32. Vijay Amin says:

      Bought Platinum Package this time. 😊😊 Kindly take care. Use best keywords 🤑🤑

      Vijay Amin
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      Rajkot – 525381

    33. Murtaze says:

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      Bought Diamond Package this time. Kindly check. Messaged you on WhatsApp too.

      Dr. Jaromír Kopeček
      Ve Vrších 2/63 56720 Litvínov


    35. Devang says:

      I want demo sent asap.I want buy fast please sent demo fast asap.

    36. lucky says:

      Send me demo app

    37. Mohit Saxena says:

      Plzz also send demo app with website.

    38. Major M. Lewis says:


      What about my order dated Jan 16, 2018 for Diamond Package?

      Thank you!
      Major M. Lewis

    39. Kamlesh Upadhyay says:

      Sir want to demo apps and website because i want to buy

    40. Jamshed Chaudhry says:


      My Platinum Package earnings started from yesterday. My gratitude for you. Highly appreciate for what you are doing.. God Bless..

      AdSense Earnings

    41. Nikko Kovacek Sr. says:

      As requested by you, here are some of my AdMob Earnings Screen Shots for current week using various accounts for different apps.

      Hope this helps everybody..

    42. Aarti Boase says:

      Hi, I am Aarti Boase from Kushal Nagar, Srinagar – 359345

      I bought Gold Package just now. Paid via NEFT. Please check.

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      Thank you
      Stefanie Decker
      Neubertring 72 84570 Marktheidenfeld

    45. Sai Kiran Immad says:

      Please send me a demo website I will provide adsense ad codes I want to check demo before starting

    46. Narendra Reddy says:

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      Demo App Please :

      like chat, videos, etc

    48. Deepak says:

      Give a demo app and website

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      Show me a demo of your app and tell me from where you are making the app ?

    50. lovepreet says:

      Send me demo of app i want to buy

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      Please send me the demo website and apps for each package to this email “”

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      I am Anna from CA. Bought Gold pack shortly. How to proceed now?

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      I am interested to know about apps too. Please let me know the details for to proceed and contact you.

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      I bought Platinum package last night. How is it going?

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      or me aapko manlo aaj payment kru to next month se start hojaynge kya daily 400-500$ and please email me with answer

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      Thank you

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      Add: Yadu Apartments, RupeshPur Pilani – 283030

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      Ordered Platinum Package. PayPal Transaction ID: 6C9326549F9254251

      Kindly confirm. Thank you.

    74. Kanhaiya kumar says:

      Please give me demo apps and websites from where I can make money 50$daily

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